Sonar analysis fails in Travis, claiming "Not authorized"

We added the AxonFramework extension-reactor using the instructions provided, but while this has worked for all AxonFramework projects so far, this one keeps failing with “Not authorized. Please check the properties sonar.login and sonar.password.”

The build file contains the token as instructed. None of the projects use “sonar.login” or “sonar.password”, all use a token. Only this one fails. I have regenerated tokens, properly encrypting it, but it still fails.

Hi @bert-laverman,

So how’s the token passed to the scanner then ? Do you have any kind of environment variable ?


Using the Travis YAML file, as per the instructions. Note that it works for all but this single project:


Can you please give me the logs where this is failing ? ideally in debug mode.

Thanks in advance.