Sonar Cloud "Not authorized"

Hi guys,
I want to use sonarcloud with travis CI. The project is shared above. Very minimal.

Still I get this “Not Authorized” error Travis CI - Test and Deploy with Confidence

I am out of idea to fix this. Do you have any idea?
sonar-scanner works fine locally.

Thanks a lot!

Hey there.

Did you provide and encrypt your token as outlined in the tutorial when you set-up your SonarCloud project?

Yes, same as the tutorial, I encrypted the token with travis and paste it in the .travis.yml file.

I tried both with “secure” as your screenshot and with droping it as in the github link I shared. Both gave the same authorization issue.

Thanks for the details.

  • Does your user have the Execute Analysis permission on the project or your organization as a whole? Stated another way – this same token works locally?
  • Is there a chance you have some other credentials accidentally sitting around somewhere (an old file with credentials, etc?)