SonarCloud not allowing scanning

I’m using a GitHub project and trying to get it setup with Travis-CI and SonarCloud.

The issue I’m running into is Travis-CI get’s the following error message “Not authorized. Please check the properties sonar.login and sonar.password.”. I have tried going through the project setup a few times and each time I have to change the SONAR_TOKEN value.

I’m at a loss at how to fix this error.

Thanks for any help provided.

I can see some activity at your project. It looks like you figured out the problem, that is correct? If no, did you followed the documentation about it? Mainly the Travis-CI documentation. You don’t need to create a new token each time, just re-use the old one. You can also check the tokens you have issued and when they were used last, so if you have full control over these tokens management you can remove the unused ones, if you know they are not used anymore.



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I ran things manually and it worked. Not sure the best way to store many tokens with different server url values when using build tools like Gradle. As putting it the login tokens into Git is bad, and storing them in the global gradle.proprieties file only allows one at a time.

Travis-CI is still causing an issue, I have tried using the plain token in SONAR_TOKEN, the encrypted token in SONAR_TOKEN one with " the other without. Still confused about the Travis-CI to SonarCloud setup.