Sonar 8.9.1 - Error while starting

Hello Everyone,

We are currently using SonarQube - 6.3.1 [oracle 11g DB] and planning for an upgrade to 8.9.1

Instead of upgrading we built a new instance and installed SonarQube 8.9.1 and created a new oracle 19c DB. I was able to start the sonar console.

I tried importing data from 6.3.1 to 8.9.1 via Database export and import, post that activity I am unable to start the sonar with the below error in web.log

ERROR web[][o.s.s.p.PlatformImpl] Web server startup failed: Current version is too old. Please upgrade to Long Term Support version firstly.

What is the process of getting my historical data into the new instance? Can someone please me here?


Hi @mtyagadurgam ,

did you already had a look at our upgrade guide? you need to version hop when coming from such an old release.

hope that clarifies the process


Even for database? The process which i followed here is :

  1. Created a new DB
  2. Did a new install of Sonarqube 8.9.1. Installation created its own metadata in the database and the app was up and running.
  3. I copied tables from the old sonarqube 6.3 database to the new sonarqube 8.1 and from this, I am facing this error.


Yeah that is expected. SQ can only jump within one LTS circle at a time, so when you come from 6.3 you first have to upgrade to 6.7.7 then to 7.9.6 and after that you can upgrade to 8.9.1. All of these updates need to happen to the same database as the data, tables and columns are migrated during the upgrade process.
that said you definitely should do a backup of your db first coming from such an old version.