Slow build with build-wrapper

We are running build-wrapper on a Windows Azure Build Agent with a docker container mounted as a volume.
The ‘build-wrapper make’ command is taking 7 hours to complete. The problem might be related to our environment but I was wondering if there were any easy wins.
I googled and saw mention of -Dsonar.skipPackageDesign=true but cannot find any documentation on this argument.
Can build-wrapper work with multithreading? We had to enforce single threading to get it to work for us. We are using QNX and makefiles. Adding the j arg to make (make --jobs) seems to break the Build Wrapper but compilation works fine without the wrapper.
The build-wrapper output file is directed to the working directory (docker volume) - would it be better to use Bamboo’s local working directory then move the dump json file at the end?

Hello @shanz1999,

I didn’t understand from your message if it is the build or the analysis to be slow.
Could you describe precisely your setup?

bwrapper make -j X should not brake the build, can you provide more details about this too?

It is the build not the analysis that is slowed down by prefixing with the build-wrapper.
It takes 3 times as long to build when the wrapper is used.

Hi @shanz1999,

could you provide a bit more details? We are not aware of any slow down due to build-wrapper.

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