Build-wrapper slowing down build


I am also experiencing a ~2.4x slowdown with the only difference being the build wrapper.
C++, Visual Studio 2017, CMake (with the Visual Studio and the Ninja generator)
SonarQube EE 7.6
@mpaladin, what details do you need?


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Hi @petermbauer,

I moved your post to a new thread. Do you have Windows protection enabled? If yes, could you try to disable it?

thank you for responding, disabling the Real-time virus protection indeed reduced the build time again so it is roughly the same as without the build wrapper.
What is the reason for this behaviour?


Hi @petermbauer,

we don’t control Windows antivirus and cannot now exactly what it is doing, what we know is that it can affect build and analysis time.
FYI in Azure Pipelines they disable it for their hosted VM:

But why does this happen only when the build wrapper is used? Maybe the output file of the build wrapper is scanned each time it is written?

Hi @petermbauer,

Windows antivirus is a black box so we cannot be sure of the cause of the slowdown.

This is probably a good guess, however it would need some investigation.

I created a ticket to investigate that but I cannot promise you any ETA: CPP-2241.

thank you @mpaladin for caring. I will check whether we can permanently disable the protection.


@petermbauer FYI it even slows down some builds that don’t use build-wrapper :wink: