Skipping or speed up build wrapper

I was wondering about possibility to skip or speed up build-wrapping process.
My sonar:

SonarQube (Data Center Edition/) - Version 8.9.6
SonarScanner -
CFamily - 

I have very big c/cpp project. Before I start SonarQube analyze, I have to cmake and build-wrap whole project. Now for SonarQube I’m using caches, but build-wrapping takes lots of time in our CI. There is option to don’t use build-wrapper, to generate build wrapper files? Maybe there is a kind of cache for build-wrapper? Or another method to speed up this process? Or can I generate build-wrapper report on the basic of build output that was generated in the past? I mean that I build project in previous pipeline step and I can use previous build and after building generate build-wrapper files?

Thanks a lot

Hey there.

With Data Center Edition you should have access to SonarSource Commercial Support, which I’d encourage you to use (it allows for SLAs, privacy, a guarantee that we won’t get tired of your thread and walk away :smiley:)

More seriously, in SonarQube v9.x there is support for providing a compilation database rather than running a full build. You might find this useful.