Build Wrapper in sonarqube 8.4.2

Good morning,

I have update my sonarqube to 8.4.2 enterprise version, due to this upgrade, sonarcfamily plugis has upgrade too, therefore I have to build a wrapper if I want to analize c/c++, for our company, Eumetsat, is really difficult achieve that because of we have a lot of projects and crons which launch on the night , so it it is not feasible to build a wrapper for each project.
I have tried to downgrade the sonarcfamily version to 5.1.1 but does not work with 8.4 enterprise version.
Could you please help me with this issue.

Thank you.


Hey there.

The Build Wrapper, wrapping a full build, is required to analyze C/C++ code in modern versions of SonarQube. It is the only way to get accurate analysis results, and there is not a workaround.

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