Skip LTS When Upgrading

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Sonarqube version: 5.6.6
Scanner version:
various Operating Systems.

One of the LTS 7.9 announcements suggested not upgrading to LTS 6.7 since that is EOL soon and 7.9 is being released next month. However, the ugprade path examples in the upgrade guide seems to indicated you must stop at any LTS you’re not currenlty using before going to 7.9. Am I reading this incorrectly?

Upgrading across multiple, non-LTS versions is handled automatically. However, if in your migration path you have an LTS version, you must first migrate to this LTS and then migrate to your target version.

Example 1 : 5.1 -> 7.0, migration path is 5.1 -> 5.6.7 LTS -> 6.7.x LTS -> 7.0 Example 2 : 6.2 -> 6.7, migration path is 6.2 -> 6.7.x LTS (where x is the latest patch available for 6.7 - you don’t need to install all the intermediary patches, just take the latest)

As noted above, we are on version 5.6.6. Do I need to upgrade to 6.7.x before 7.9?
If we have to upgrade to 6.7 first, can I migrate from MySQL to Postgres at that time or do I have to do that at 7.9?


Hi Jed,

As you’ve correctly read in the upgrade guide, you must first migrate to 6.7 as you won’t be able to migrate directly to 7.9.

So you migration path should be :

  • Migrate to 6.7
  • Migrate to Postgres
  • Migrate to 7.9 => As 7.9 nor 7.8 are not currently available, you can migrate to 7.7 in order to test latest features.

Julien Lancelot

Thanks Julien. I wanted to confirm to make sure I was right because if I could have skipped 6.7, it would have been ideal to avoid two upgrades in a short time period.

Thanks,. again.