Short lived branched not getting deleted after 30 days

Dear Team,

We have noticed that in sonarqube short lived branched are not getting deleted after 30 days. We have few cases of same where we noticed that the short lived branch is not analysed since more than 30 days and still the ranch is visible that means it is not auto deleted.

Please help on this issue.

We are using sonarqube 7.9.1 developer edition.


There’s no scheduled process in SonarQube that runs the housekeeping routines. Instead, they happen at analysis. For the project with stale short-lived branches, how long has it been since an analysis ran?


P.S. This ticket, which was fixed in 7.7 is related:

SONAR-11439 - Analysis of long branch doesn’t trigger purge of dependent short branches and pull requests

Thanks for the info. I will check the scenario.