How many short-lived branches are displayed at one time?

I am doing some research into short-lived branches. I found the documentation that by default short-lived branches are automatically cleaned up after 30 days with no analysis. However, I’d like to know how many short-lived branches are shown at one time? Is there a limit? So if a big project has 10 feature branches going on at one time, will SonarQube show all 10? Or is there a limit of 5 or something that will be displayed?

HI Michael,

I’m guessing you’re asking about SonarQube 7.9? In general, yes, we’ll display as many short-lived branches as you have that are active. The 30-day default for cleanup is in place so that you won’t accumulate too many at one time. This can be tuned to allow for more or less time before cleanup.

In my case it’s 7.7, but I believe your answer still applies. Thanks!

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