How long does a short-lived branch last?

I’m currently trying to migrate a large, legacy software project from a very outdated version of SonarQube (6.7.6 (build 38781)) to SonarCloud.

Since we have a complex branching structure, I’ve previously been advised (SonarCloud thinks feature branch was created from a different branch than it actually was - #2 by Colin) to use Pull Request Analysis, however that won’t be feasible for a while as we’re currently using a non-cloud version of BitBucket.

We’re going ahead with the migration as is, but I have questions about the feature branches we’ll create in this interim period.

How long will the short-lived branches we’ll be creating last, by default? As sonar won’t detect them as having been merged due to our complex setup and SonarCloud assuming every short-lived branch was created from the main branch.

How can we see or change how long short-lived branches last? I can’t see any settings for that.
Do short-lived branches automatically get deleted from SonarCloud once they’ve passed this period?
If so, does re-analysing them recreate them in SonarCloud?

Thanks for your time.

Hey there.

Here’s the documentation on branch lifetimes: Branch Analysis Setup | SonarCloud Docs