Long lived branch regular expression gone

Dear Support,

Last week we updated our Sonarqube server to

And it seems that the long-lived branch reg.ex is no longer visible.
It used to be at the “Administration-> Branches & Pull Requests” menu, in the top-right corner of the page.
What is now the concept about long-lived vs. short-lived branches?



Did you read the upgrade notes?

Short-lived and Long-lived branches are now just branches
The concept for branches is now simplified, with a single way to handle all of them. (MMF-1786).

  • Analysis is the same for all branches. The parameter sonar.branch.target is no longer used and can be removed.
  • All branches behave as previous Long-lived branches: all measures are available. The New Code period is configurable and starts by default after the first analysis. The Quality Gate check applies on all conditions.
  • As a consequence, branches that were previously Short-Lived branches may display incomplete measures before they are analyzed again. With the first analysis, measures on New Code and the Quality Gate status may change.
    > New housekeeping settings replace the Long-lived branch pattern and allow you to choose the branches which should be kept when inactive.
  • Detection of new issues in branches and PRs is simplified. The list of issues reported as new may change slighlty. (SONAR-12627).

More details on Managing Inactive Branches in the docs!

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