Short-lived branch deleted and never restored


I recently pushed a short-lived branch. The branch was available in Sonarcloud. There were some new issues so I decided to fix them and also to add tests. I pushed the new code and tests. No changes in Sonarcloud analysis for the branch. I tried to commit again with commit --amend and push --force but still no update.
After several tries, I deleted on Sonarcloud the short-lived branch. I pushed (force) again but the branch doesn’t appear anymore…
So I rename the branch locally and remotely and push again. The new branch doesn’t appear neither…

Why the deleted branch can never been restored ?

Additional information:

Welcome to the community!

Can you please share how exactly you analyze a short-live branch? (with which command or tool)

It’s a maven project so analyze is done by sonar maven plugin.

Can you please share the exact command executed? (for example mvn sonar:sonar ...)

Actually, the output of the command when the short branch is not correctly created could also be useful, please include that too if possible.

The command is:
./mvnw clean install sonar:sonar -Dmaven.test.redirectTestOutputToFile=true -B | grep -Ei ‘(warn|error|ANALYSIS SUCCESSFUL)’

You can see full logs here:

I found the issue. Travis was silently ignoring the failed command…