Share dashboard-view with other users for usage on infoscreen


I like the dashboard view, and would like to view this on a infoscreen we have in the office. The problem is that the screen-user does not have priviligies to github / sonarcloud.
Is there any workaround for how i can view the data from the dashboard without being logged in ?
Can the view be shared somehow, or some other workaround?


Welcome to the community!

To get the full interface, probably the best way to go here is to create a technical user account, let’s call it infoscreen, that has Browse permissions on the project. You can then use a token generated from the infoscreen account to make the request.

Alternately, you could pull Badges for display on your infoscreen.

Or you could set up a webhook, which would deliver key values to your infoscreen (or an intermediate service) after each analysis.