How to share sonar report with others? (a public link without authentication)

I want to run sonar-scanner on my project and then publish the data on sonar-server. I want to share detailed sonar report of my project with my colleagues. How can I do that without authentication? Is this supported? Can I share a public link (pdf or html) of sonar report of my project?

Hello @manish-agrawal,

There’s not public report in HTML or PDF that you can share.
All what you can share is by directly giving access to your project in the SonarQube server.

  • The simplest way to give access is you make the project Public: From the *project (not global) Administration menu then Permissions, click on the Public radio button
    This will allow anyone to see project metrics, issues and source code
  • If you don’t want to share the source code, keep the project Private but grant to Anyone the Browse permission

The above still requires users to be authenticated. Before anything I would say that this is probably not a good idea to allow browsing SonarQube unauthenticated, for decent security reasons.

That said, If you want to allow browsing projects without being authenticated, you must turn off the forceAuthentication setting in the global Administration --> Security menu. It may already be off, since this is the default.
Note that this is a global setting, you cannot selectively allow unauthenticated browsing for some project, and not for others.