Settings for working remotely via WSL (node.js path)

OS: Windows 11
IDE: PhpStorm 2022.3
Plugin Version: 7.3.0

In my work I use remote development on WSL 2.0 (using PhpStorm installed locally) and would like to know if Sonar can work on it.

Sonar requires Node.js to work correctly, I don’t want to install it on my local machine and would like to know if it’s possible to get Sonar to work through a remote Node.js installed on the WSL?

In PhpStorm I found settings in which you can specify the path to the Node.js executable, but apparently you can only specify the local path on which PhpStorm itself is installed (C:\Program Files\nodejs\node.exe for windows

) but no WSL remote path (in Linux style /usr/bin/node)

Hey there.

Indeed this is not supported today – there’s a ticket created ([SLI-711] - Jira) that I’ll link this thread to for visibility.