Failed to connect to the server

  • Operating system: windows 10 home
  • IDE name and flavor/env: phpstorm

I am receiving the error message:
Failed to connect to the server. Please check the configuration. Cause: Connect to [] failed: Connection timed out

when trying to connect over ssh to my remote development environment.

My colleague (a devop) has told me that rather than my pc connecting to the sonar server the remote machine is attempting it and failing.
Apparently VSCode uses the former method and is therefore successful.
Please advise.


I’ve moved your post to the IntelliJ category (closest we have to PHPStorm). Can you share what your SonarLint version?


Hi, It’s sonarlint V3.23
I noticed in the plugin description that it requires node.js >= 12.22. I believe ours is 10.24.1.
Could that be the problem?

Our SonarQube is 8.9.9 Community edition


Are you sure it’s v3.23? Latest is 7.0.0 (and I can’t actually find 3.23 in the list).

Having too low a node version could be causing problems (BTW, go ahead & bump your version up to latest - 16 I think? - support for 12 will be dropped soon) but not this problem.


Yes. Sorry, not sure where I saw 3.23 - it’s actually
I will ask our sys admin if they can bump up the node version.

Hi Ann,
Any news about this problem?


Hi Steve,

I’m out of my depth. I’ve pinged internally.


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Hello Steve,

Could you give more details how you achieve that ? Is this environment in a container ?

If PhpStorm is running on this environment, and your SonarQube instance cannot be reached from it, I think we can’t do much about this. It would be a configuration issue on your environment.

Happy to hear more and see if we can change something on our side