Remote access via ssh access to nodejs (pathToNodeExecutable)

SonarQube - 9.4 Community
VSCode plugin SonarLint v3.4.1

Nodejs 10 version is already installed on the remote server (required for the software being developed), I try to set the node located in another directory (sonarlint.pathToNodeExecutable), I get a message - This setting cannot be applied in this window. It will be applied when you open a local window.

How can I make the parameter pathToNodeExecutable work when connected remote ssh.

Nobody faced such a problem?

Hello, welcome to the community! Thank you for your question, and sorry for the delayed response.

When using a SSH remote, the sonarlint.pathToNodeExecutable property should be set in the remote settings and refer to a path on the remote host (in such a configuration, the SonarLint Language Server runs on the remote host).

Please make sure that you edit the “Remote Settings” as highlighted in the screenshot below.