Setting Rule Parameters such as ignoreFontFamilies in SonarCloud

In SonarCloud where/how would I set the parameters for specific rules?

For example, more specifically, I am needing to set “ignoreFontFamilies” on the CSS rule “Font declarations should contain at least one generic font family” (rule ID css:S4649) as shown below from their UI:

To be clear, I am currently using the “Automatic analysis” and have reviewed the related document several times.

It claims that the UI can be used but I do not have an option related to parameters that I could add ignoreFontFamilies. It also mentions using a file but I cannot find anywhere in the docs that expands on the specific syntax of this file for editing something like ignoreFontFamilies specifically (I need to set it to the name of a custom icon font name in this case).

Any insight is appreciated!

Hey there.

You will need to Extend the built-in Quality Profile in order to adjust the rule parameters. This will require having the Administer Quality Profiles permission in your SonarCloud organization.

Thanks Colin, this really helped me out!

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