Setting multiple ignore criteria through UI is broken

Specifying multiple rules in sonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria through UI is broken. My use case:

I am not able to add more rules to it. It looks like a UI bug to me. UI is parsing multiple rules into wrong JSON, resulting in an error. It used to work earlier.


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The ** pattern means 0-n directories. * is used to mean 0-n characters.

Several of your patterns are invalid. Can you correct them and see if you still get an error?


Thanks for your response, Ann! I did try resetting and changing the patterns. Attached another screenshot. This issue seems to be completely independent. Frontend seems to be arranging these rules into JSON incorrectly.


Thanks for trying. I’m going to flag this for the team.


Hello, we had an issue that is already mitigated.
I hope you are all good now!