Error by Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria about json syntax

When I update “Ignore Issues on Multiple Criteria” then I get the following error: Validation failed. JSON ‘{“resourceKey”:“/*.razor.cs",“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S1128”},{“resourceKey”:"/.razor.cs",“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S1144”},{“resourceKey”:"**/.razor.cs”,“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S1172”},{“resourceKey”:“/*.razor.cs",“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S1481”},{“resourceKey”:"/.razor.cs",“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S2326”},{“resourceKey”:"**/.razor.cs”,“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S3459”},{“resourceKey”:“/*.razor.cs",“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S4487”},{“resourceKey”:"/.razor.cs",“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S1854”},{“resourceKey”:"/Stores/Features//Actions//*Action.cs",“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S2094”},{“ruleKey”:“csharpsquid:S2743”,“resourceKey”:"/.razor.cs”}’ does not respect expected format for setting ‘sonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria’. Ex: {“field1”:“value1”, “field2”:“value2”}

Can some one help me?

Hello and welcome to the community forum.

Can you please tell me the exact values and the field you enter them in?

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here is the example

Thank you.
After doing some investigation I figured out that currently adding multiple criteria is not working correctly, and it should be fixed very soon.

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We’re encountering the same problem setting up a new project…
Any idea of the timeline for a fix? hours/days, so we can plan accordingly…

Hopefully, the fix should be there by the end of the week.

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