Sonar.issues.ignore.multicriteria is not working with any rule

We are using SonarQube developer edition 7.5.
I’m reusing the PIt reports on sonarqube.
Here I’m trying to ignore the rule ‘pitest:pitest.survived.mutant’ but seems it is not working.
I used the syntax in Jenkinsfile as
bat "gradlew.bat Dsonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria.3.ruleKey=‘pitest:pitest.survived.mutant’ -Dsonar.issue.ignore.multicriteria.3.fileKey=’/src/*.java’ sonarqube**

I tried with other rules but not working. Please reply ASAP.
Thanks in advance


Multicriteria parameters are very difficult to set correctly outside the UI. You should set this through the interface instead.


Thanks Ann