Set a custom propery which can be used for filtering/selecting

Previously it was possible to manually set the ‘severity’ of rules and filter on this ‘severity’
Currently the ‘severity’ is locked, determined by SonarQube rulings.
We would like another property, for instance ‘priority’ which the user can set themselves for each rule.
It should then also be possible to filter on this property, just like on ‘severity’, ‘tag’ and so on.

We use the following versions:

  • SonarQube 10.4.1
  • Acucobol 10.2.1
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Hello Berrie,

Can you share more on how you intend to use this proposed ‘priority’ feature? Do you want to use it for prioritizing issues on overall code or new code? What determines your real-world priorities?

We want to use it to determine a standard set of actions what to do with issues of a specific priority, similar to severity. Since we cannot control severity we want a property of rules/issues that we can set.
For instance a tag that means you always have to fix it, in old and new code you touch.
Or a tag that means only use this in a specific case otherwise don’t.