ServerID do not update when change db url


I’m using Sonarqube 9.4 in my company.

I want to upgrade to 10.2, via 9.9.

Currently i did a clone of my production DB in a TEST environment, and create a new instance of sonarqube in my k8s cluster, in a new namespace.

I need to know my serverID, for the sale team in order to have a new licence key. As the jdbc url has changed, the servedID must be a new one ?

I show a screenshot which was taken from my administration panel from my TEST env. It say in the first line that i’m using AAAA licence (which is my current licence of my prod sonar) so i ask sale team to generate a licence for this serverID. But when i validate the new licence, i have now a popup which said that my serverID is not correct, and i need to ask a licence for a BBBBB serverID.

I’m a bit lost, and has already ask multiple regeneration from the sale team, but we cannot validate my sonarqube of my TEST env.

Is it normal that my serverID is not updated and displayed correctly ? For which serverID i must ask a new licence ?

Thanks in advance,

My mail which i contact the sale team is


Where are you seeing that? Have you checked Administration → System for the server ID shown there?


Hello Ann,

I made a first try to set a new licence with AAAAA licence, as it’s my initial serverID, which not work and trigger this red alert.
I ask sales to generate then a new licence for BBBBB, and that work, and update my server ID to BBBBB btw.

This is not very clear in my opinion… But that work now, we can close this topic.

Thanks for your reponse,

Edit: yes, my screenshot is from licence manager admin panel, i’ve just erase my 2 real server ID by AAAA and BBBB from my screenshot.

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