Scanning external issues for unknown language

Hi Guys,
I am trying to import external issues for a custom language. The custom language has files with an .mp suffix. When I run sonar-scanner with -X, I get these lines:

16:40:06.096 DEBUG: ‘home/…/’ indexed with no language
16:40:06.098 DEBUG: ‘home/…/’ indexed with no language
16:40:06.111 INFO: 9 files indexed
16:40:08.396 DEBUG: Importing issues from ‘validation-sonar.json’
16:40:08.402 INFO: Imported 0 issues in 0 files
16:40:08.405 INFO: External issues ignored for 7 unknown files, including: /home/*/, etc etc

If I force the scanner to treat my .mp files as python using this tag in my
then the system still ignores the files in my external issues. But, it does attempt to scan them using the python sensor. Since it doesn’t parse, the sensor produces silly results.

Is there any way to get the scanner to import my issues even though the indexer doesn’t know the language?



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In fact, this should work out of the box – however, unless this was just an edit you made to hide data, the file paths in your report don’t look right.

16:40:08.405 INFO: External issues ignored for 7 unknown files, including: /home/*/, etc etc

Do you actually try and include wildcards in your external report file paths?

Thank you so much for the response.
I had edited those paths since they contain some info I am not permitted to share.

But your post prompted me to re-examine the json file I was submitting. The paths I was submitting were slightly different than the paths that were being analyzed. The paths being analyzed began with ‘home/etc’ since they were in my work dir. The paths I specified still had the ‘/’ in front: ‘/home/etc’. Since they didn’t match exactly, the system didn’t recognize them.

Problem solved. Thanks again!

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