Importing external report of an unsupported language

SonarQube version : 7.9 LTS (but tried multiple)
SonarScanner : 4.4 (tried also with altest Ant Sonar Scanner)


I am working with an unsupported language, which is java in it’s core with some added operators and functionalities. I have a modified Checkstyle that is able to parse it and generate a working report. Now, I am trying to import that report into the SonarQube by passing the parameter for report path, but there is an issue. The only way I was able to get it done is changing the source files extension from .maxj to .java so SonarQube is able to recognise the original source files.
Is there any way of adding an additional file extension to be considered the same as .java (so the file can basically be read just like a regular .java file) , or to import the report without being able to read the original source files?

Any other idea would also be appreciated.
Thanks in advance for the answers!

Hey there.

I’m guessing you had to do something funny to make sure that the SonarSource Java analyzer doesn’t run on those files? But anyhow, I would imagine that you should be able to adjust the suffixes in your Project settings.

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Seems like I haven’t done my homework. A bit shameful, I must admit.
That did the trick though, thanks a lot Colin!

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