sosonar.externalIssuesReportPaths and unsupported languages


I am trying to use sonar.externalIssuesReportPaths to import issues to view in SonarCloud.

In this case, I want to lint shell scripts. I convert shellcheck output to the generic issue format and point this parameter to the file containing this, ex:

However the issues in this file do not show up in my project in SonarCloud.

Is this possible?

edit: To add to this, the debug output from sonar-scanner shows:

23:04:17.984 INFO: Sensor Import external issues report
23:04:17.985 DEBUG: Importing issues from 'build-data/artifacts/shell.sonar.json'
23:04:17.996 INFO: Imported 0 issues in 0 files
23:04:18.000 INFO: External issues ignored for 5 unknown files, including: tools/ ...

Is there any way to include these issues in the SonarCloud console?


Updating this - this was just a misconfig on my part.

sonar.sources pointed to a path that did not include the files identified in my generic issue report shell.sonar.json