Scan...xml.gz files in Appdata\Local\Temp !?


this morning we’ve got an alert for one of our Jenkins masters running on windows server 2012
due to space problems with the system partition.
A bunch of scan…xml.gz files in C:\Users\jenkinsuser\AppData\Local\Temp eats away 14GB,
seems to be one file per scan.
Never saw this files before, didn’t even know about their existence and the documentation has
nothing about.

This seems to be independent of the SONAR_USER_HOME setting.
Is there another setting for the scanner to influence this behaviour or are we bound to use
a scheduled task to clean up ? Or maybe it’s related to the scanner version, we use a mix of
version 3 and 4 ?


Hi Gilbert,
Could you please give the name of some of the files as an example?

Hi Duarte,

here are some file names


The file size varies between 4kb and 20mb.
I could send some files via PM, but i don’t see an option in this forum.


Hi Duarte,

i see now, it seems those files originate from the Sonatype NexusIQ scanner.
Have been misled by some entry <scannerVersion>...</scannerVersion>
with a version similar to the Sonarqube scanner version in Jenkins :grin:


No worries, I’m glad you found what it is.

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