Sonar Scanner incomplete (temp/ce directory empty)

Hey there,

I’m having some kind of issue while trying to scan a project. I have SonarQube 7.3. The issue appear after my pc got updated.

I run Sonar Scanner as usual and it ends with success, but then, when I go to the project Dashboard it tells me there was an issue in the background task. When I open it, this is what I got:

Seems like the file in directory is corrupted, but when I go the path, temp/ce directory is empty:

Can someone help me? I’m getting mad about it.

Thanks a lot!


So to recap: everything was working fine. Then the underlying OS got updated and things are no longer fine. If this overly simplified summary is correct then I think the prime suspect has to be in the OS. Is it possible that you have some process now “helpfully” locking or deleting files? For instance was some sort of virus scanner added to the mix?