SAML solutions integrations with SonarQube and SonarCloud


What SAML integrations are compatible with SonarQube and SonarCloud. Is PingID SAML integration possible in these ?

Hi @binita_nayak,

We support SAML 2.0 for SonarQube (you cannot authenticate to SonarCloud using SAML). Any IdP compatible with SAML 2.0 should work. See the documentation here.


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I have a problem in configuring the SAML Auth with my SonarQube instance. The documentation in the official page is bit confusing.
My concerned points are -

  • the property ‘sonar.core.serverBaseURL’ must be set to the public URL ---- where is this done ?
  • Are any settings concerned with SAML auth, done in file ?
  • Is there any proper documentation of the same ?

Yes, sonar.core.serverBaseURL can be set in conf/ Any setting starting with sonar.* can be set in that file (most of them can also be set through the UI, under Administration; which is the case for all SAML settings).

We do not document all SAML IdPs :man_shrugging: . It’s a standard protocol, so on SonarQube’s side, the settings we detail (pretty profusely, I might add) for KeyCloak will usually apply as well (at least, you will find the same basic principles: a SP “identifier”, a callback URL, and a signed certificate). Usually, most of the config is done on the IdP, not the SP. The SP (SonarQube in this case) will “only” map values from the payload to user fields it knows.

I don’t know about PingID, so I cannot help you. But I’m pretty sure that, if you find any tutorial on setting up PingID with another service, the main steps will translate very well to SonarQube (again: SAML is standard, there’s nothing highly specific in SonarQube’s UI).

Unless you encounter issues that need troubleshooting, after setting everything up. But if that’s the case, please give more details.

After successful SAML login, I get landed in the login page again. Is it a configuration issue from the IDP side or SP end ?

The Entity ID and ACS url such as set somewhere in the or in UI or from the IDP end ?

Looks like an SP-end config issue. Did you follow the documentation I linked to? There’s a section called In SonarQube, which should be fairly similar to your setup.