Sonarqube integration with SAML pingfederate

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  • which versions are you using : 10.1 community edition
  • how is SonarQube deployed: docker images
  • what are you trying to achieve: integration with SAML (PingFederate)
  • what have you tried so far to achieve this: we have integrated SAML with PingFederate,
    but it is not able to authorize the user and login page is coming after entering username and password again. we have installed SonarQube on AWS EKS cluster and using ALB to access SonarQube. There is no reverse proxy. LDAP configuration is working fine.

Please help here.

I cannot share full log file due to restriction at client side. sharing Screenshot of logs and configuration.

**Do not share screenshots of logs – share the text itself (bonus points for being well-formatted)! **

! configuration_sonar1|690x284

! sonarlogs|690x158

Hey there.

In my experience from when I was a support engineer, this issue is faced when using the /idp/ PingFederate endpoint. Our other customers who use SonarQube/PingFederate use the /idp/SSO.saml2 endpoint.

Hi Colin,

I am getting same error. Please find the SAML login URL.

Your best bet will be to look for errors in the logs (particularly web.log).

Unless you can paste those errors here (no screenshots), it’s unlikely anybody will be able to help!

hi Colin, if you have some time I can show you my integration and logs. due to security issues, I cannot share full logs here. My email is

Hey there.

This is a Community forum. We keep all communication here. In this case, I think it makes sense for you to redact your logs as necessary and share them here.

hi Colin,

I am sharing web.log and access.log. Please check and let me know what needs to be done
AD directory: (21.8 MB)
user id: alok.rathore
timestamp: 01:15pm mst 13/10/2023

access.log (3.9 MB)

hi All, do we need to disable LDAP to ping working properly?
Please guide us on this issue.

Hey there.

It doesn’t look like the logs share any indication of SAMl authentication being triggered.

No, LDAP and SAML can coexist on the same instance.

My well is running dry – maybe another user will come along that has experience integrating between PingFederate and SonarQube!