Rules without issue effort time

Hi, I have a doubt about the effort time in some rules on latest Sonarqube server versions.
Most of the rules have the effort time showed in “Constant/Issue” field:

However, there are some rules that doesn’t have that field, for example:

The question is: Why this rule does not have the “Constant/Issue” time field and many others does?
I don’t know why there are some rules with issue effort time and others not.

Thanks in advance
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That was an oversight that - as far as I can tell - has been corrected in recent versions of SonarQube. If you’re not caught up to the current LTS, 8.9.7, or the latest version: 9.3, you should upgrade at your earliest convenience.


Thank you for your fast answer Ann

I have another question in mind: there are two rules in latest versions of Sonarqube that have 0min of effort time.These rules are:

  • Track uses of “FIXME” tags

  • Track uses of “TODO” tags

An example of what I’m talking about is:

Why these two rules have “0min” of effort time and other similar rules like “Track uses of “NOSONAR” comments” have “1min” being almost the same type of rule/issue?

Thanks in advance.


The effort estimate is about how long it would take the average developer on an average day to make the issue go away. For “Track uses of ‘NOSONAR’ tags” it should be about a minute to delete the NOSONAR comment & commit.

For TODO and FIXME, we have absolutely no way of knowing how long it will take, so rather than guessing we just threw up our hands and set it to 0.


Thank you Ann, I thought that the “0min” effort meant that delete the FIXME or TODO comment it took less than a minute XD, but with your answer I’m very sure now why is the reason of that.

Kind regards.

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