Total Remediation Effort Obscurities

Hi All,
So on the Issues tab, at the very top-right of the table there is a count of issues, as well as Total Effort field (shown in days).

How is this totaled up, what Is the formula? Seems like it might be buried in SQL Queries and then pulled out of the database. I think the formula for how this is computed should be listed somewhere in the documentation, along with any MAGIC NUMBERS / Constants on how this happens as well as a comprehensive design rationale. I mean this is probably one of the most important metrics to upper management is how much effort/$ it’s going to take to bring the code into compliance. This shouldn’t be a mystery on how it’s computed in case they want to throw out some things to see how to bring that number down.

Does the current rest-api expose enough of the raw data that we can run the computations ourselves on a subset of the projects that have been scanned rather than the whole WAD?

When I see UNITLESS variables such as reliability_remediation_effort exposed in the API, it should say if it’s in minutes,hours,days. The documentation is obscure on this:

Reliability remediation effort ( reliability_remediation_effort )
Effort to fix all bug issues. The measure is stored in minutes in the DB. An 8-hour day is assumed when values are shown in days.

Does this mean that when it’s shown on the UI it’s converted to 8-days?

When I sum up the security and reliability remediation efforts, I don’t get the same totalling as Sonar is getting, so there must be more factors/facets/unexposed API variables that go into this calculation.

Thanks in Advance!


FYI, I’ve moved this to ‘Get help’ since I didn’t see an actual feature request here.

Pure addition on the stored remediation / technical debt costs for each issue in the category.

That’s where we’d disagree with you. Rather than stopping or slowing work to bring the code to academic perfection, we council Clean as You Code.

Well yes. And you don’t need to. Instead of getting the figure from the global issues page, get it from the project-level issues page.

IMO it pretty clearly says how it’s stored.

Only when it’s marked with a unit of days in the UI. Sometimes you’ll see labeled with a sub-day unit of measure.

It’s quite possible there’s some rounding on the front end. Could you provide an example?