How to evaluate the consumed time by each rule

Is there an mean to identify the most time-consuming analysis rules ?

I want to accelerate my sonar custom profile analysis.

SonarQube version: Developer Edition Version 7.9.1


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Which language are we talking about? It’s likely that the ones that take the longest come from a “Security SonarAnalyzer” Rule Repository, but that could change depending on the language.


P.S. I meant to mention that there have been speed and accuracy improvements in those rules which will come out with SonarQube 8.0, ETA end of this month.


Thanks for your quick reply.
We are using SonarQube to scan a java 8 project.
The acceleration of the analysis is one of our final goals, but what we really want is a way to have an indicator of rule cost.
So we’ll be able to build a quick analysis profile.


Just out of curiosity : why do you think there is a need for a “quick analysis” profile ? is your analysis taking a lot of time ? What timeframe are we talking about ? how big is your project ?

In other words : you are asking some help for a given solution but I am not sure what is the problem. Would you be able to describe it in more details ? Thanks !

Thanks for your reply.
My analysis takes about 35 minutes and 45 minutes if i enable FindBugs plugin.

I’m asking if there is a way to know the cost of each rule, so i want to disable some rules in order to accelerate my analysis.


We don’t provide such tooling as of today. The first thing might be to understand what sensor is taking time in your analysis by looking at the logs.

The next question would be : Why are you looking to speed up analysis process ? (don’t get me wrong, it is always good to go faster !:)) but what pain are you facing that lead you to the conclusion that 30 min is too long ? (and I agree, it is long !)