Rules on aren't showing up in latest version of SonarQube

I’m finding several rules on the online documentation site for Python that say they are available in SonarQube, but then when I got to enable them in our on-premise install of SonarQube Developer Edition, they do not appear in any of the search results for rules that can be enabled.

I have tried several variations of the rule names and keywords (in addition to the Snnnn number when I can find it), but they just plain seem to be missing in our SonarQube install, despite the entry for the rule on saying that it is in SonarQube.

In particular, 3 Python rules that show up when I search for them in are:

  • Values assigned to variables should match their type annotations
  • Function return types should be consistent with their type hint
  • Type checks shouldn’t be confusing

Searching for type annotations, type hint, etc in the rules to activate in our SonarQube install doesn’t show any of these rules, or any that are functionally equivalent even though the website says they are supported in SonarQube.

However, I have found some of the rules listed in though the most recent SonarQube update seems to have been more recent than when that file in the repository was added/updated.

What’s going on? It would be useful if the docs at least mentioned what version a rule was added in or if it’s an upcoming feature.


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Let’s say you’ve hit a race condition. The rules site reflects what is or will be available in SonarQube, SonarCloud and SonarLint. With the 8.5 release of SonarQube (e.t.a. “soon”) those rules should be available. In the meantime, they’re already available on SonarCloud. So they’re published. And our processes aren’t sophisticated enough to keep up with “on SonarCloud today but not yet SonarQube until X date”.

Does this make sense?



Yea. It sounds like SonarCloud is following its own release schedule.