Mismatch in no of python rules


(Ramdas Sivaramakrishnan) #1


I was going through the list of rules for Sonar Python in the sonar source. It says 54 rules available.
This documentation is helpful for understanding the rules.

When I checked in my Sonarqube (6.7.4) under the quality profile for Python(1.10) I see 350+ rules.

Is there any reason why some of the rules are not mentioned in the sonar source.


(G Ann Campbell) #2


If you expand the Repository facet on the Rules page in your SonarQube instance, I think you’ll probably see 2 Python entries:

  • Pylint - the majority of rules come from here
  • Sonar Analyzer
  • Common Python

You won’t find the Pylint rules on rules.sonarsource.com, because we didn’t write them.


(Ramdas Sivaramakrishnan) #3

Thanks a lot Ann. This helps.