Question about Python rules in SonarQube

Hi Thomas.

I see these new 8 rules are also listed in the Python Vulnerability rules in SonarSource rules set, but currently there are not available in the SonarQube Community Edition v8.2 as v8.2 was released in Feb 2020, before your announcement on 4 Mar 2020.

Can we expect these new 8 Vulnerability rules to be included in the next version of SonarQube Community Edition? or these new rules are available in the Developer’s Edition?

Any updates on when will SonarQube Community Edition v8.3 be released?


Welcome to the community!

I’ve moved your post to a new thread since your questions are unrelated to SonarCloud.

The rules in the SonarCloud announcement are taint analysis rules, and as such are only available in commercial editions.

And we expect 8.3 to be released next week.


Hi Ann,

I would like to confirm you are saying these 8 rules which are taint analysis rules, will not be available even in the upcoming v8.3 of Community Edition. These rules will only be available in the commercial and paid Developer’s Edition and onwards?