Rule S2083 is not found in the server's rules list

Hi, I see a rule in Java rules list which I can’t find in my Sonarqube server’s Java rules list.
The rule is -

I have tried with 2 java plugin versions but no luck
sonar-java-plugin- (the latest version)

The Sonarqube version is - (the latest version)

Please help to understand what is causing that.


hi @uterator,

this rule is available only in commercial editions (same as other vulnerability rules with injection tag). Do you have commercial edition?

I agree that this information could be more visible from the rule page, I will make internal feedback about that.

Thank you @saberduck for you quick and explanatory answer.
I have started with the community edition.

Thank you for following up the commercial information visibility issue. It will really help to have some mark on commercial rules in the rules’ list, as I was already thinking it’s a bug in Sonarqube.

btw, injection rules are also available on :sonarcloud: SonarCloud

Thanks, hopefully, someday will reach there too