Rules not getting disabled in Rider


Some rules are not allowed to be disabled?
For example:

  • ‘Extract this nested block into a separate method’.
  • ‘Remove this commented out code’

See screenshot:

There are usually many issues that sonarLint shows in the report, and there is no filter by priority or project.
Therefore, many low-impact issues prevent to find high-impact issues.
I would like to disable some low-impact issue types, but the tool doesn’t allow me to do it.
Which makes this tool terrible to use, and now I have to switch to Qodana.

Please allow users to decide themselves what issue type is important for them and what is not.

Also, I’m under the impression that it still reports the issues even if I already disabled that issue type.
But I can’t send you a proof now.

I’m using rider 2023.3.4

  • Operating system: win10
  • SonarLint plugin version:
  • Programming language you’re coding in: C#
  • Is connected mode used: no

Hi @Vadim,

Indeed, we currently do not support the filtering feature you mentioned.

If you can reproduce the case and share the issue appearing even though it is disabled, please share it with us.

Thank you

To add to what @eray.felek said, we purposely do not support filtering.

Issues reported by SonarLint are sorted by the date/time they were introduced (from the most recent to the oldest). The rationale is that we believe Clean as You Code is the most efficient approach to ensure you build clean code. As part of this approach, we advise you to fix any issues (regardless of impact) you just introduced. While in connected mode, you can also enable the Focus on New Code, which allows you to see the new issues you introduced, preventing the Quality Gate from failing.

You can read more about the Clean as You Code approach in this blog post:

Regarding the problem you mentioned, we recently fixed an issue where any modification to the rule settings would not be applied on the next restart. I suggest you update your SonarLint to version 10.4.2 and see if the issue is still replicable. If that’s the case, please give us more details about what you tried.

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