Rules Missing From Sonarqube?


  • I’m using Sonarqube Developer Edition version
  • Sonarqube is deployed on Kubernetes.

I’m trying to troubleshoot some Sonarqube and Roslyn issues not being reported on PRs on Azure Devops Services. Currently, my main avenue of troubleshooting is understanding why the rule S1133 is not being displayed in the Sonarqube UI for C#. If I go to the rules page, remove all filters and search for S1133 I see it for several other languages (C, Objective C, Java, C++, Kotlin, and Swift) but the C# rule is missing. Is my install corrupted or something? Am I not understanding C# static code analysis ?

Hey there.

This rule is available in SonarQube v10.0, but not v9.9 LTS.

Thanks! That makes sense. Is there any documentation of which rules are available in which versions outside of just looking at our instance?

Not particularly. :upside_down_face: Sorry!

However you can keep an eye on what’s new in SonarQube, which describes new rules that we introduce in specific versions.

Sonar Updates is another good place to track.