Not Equal Sonarqube Rule Count to SonarSource

Hi all,
I am trying to take a report Sonarqube. But I realized that Sonarqube’ rules and tag types are not same for C# compared to SonarScanner(1).By the way, the report doesn’t provide same output compared to other static analysis tools. How can I equate?For example, Sonarqube I used, has 384 rules while SonarScanner has 393 rules for C#. Moreover,

  • Sonarqube I used, has no “injection” tag in Rules tab while SonarScanner has it.

  • Sonarqube I used, has 50 rules in “cwe” tag, but SonarScanner has 59 rules.

  • etc.

Note: The sonar version I used: 8.2(Also, I am examined 8.4 version but unfortunately, it has these issues)


Kindly help me in this regard.
Thanks in advance.


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I believe this thread might help.


Thank you. I hope Sonarqube 8.5 release is available as soon as possible :ok_hand: :upside_down_face: