C Rules in Sonar Source have more than Developer Edition Sonar

Versions used (SonarQube, Scanner, Plugin, and any relevant extension)
SonarQube Scanner
Java 1.8.0_275 Private Build (64-bit)

Sonarqube (Developer Edition) deployed in Kubernetes cluster, we have two instances one for Prod and another for DEV.

When I am checking this : Rules explorer , I see all rules - 308.

And we have developer edition Sonar we have 277 rules in total for C language.


SonarSource that there were additional Vulnerability rules and Security Hotspot rules that don’t appear to be in our complete C ruleset (Developer Edition). On SonarSource, there are 308 rules, including 13 Vulnerabilities and 18 Security Hotspots. On our “c-full-ruleset” profile, there’s only 277 rules, including 2 Vulnerabilities and 0 Security Hotspots.

What could we do to have additional missing rules? Please help


Hello @ram.kadaveru ,

you are using SonarQube 7.9 which doesn’t include the latest version of the CFamily analyzer and that is why it has fewer rules. The most recent version of SonarQube contains the number of rules you have seen in the rules explorer.

Hi @mpaladin

thanks for your response. I see latest SonarQube is 8.8.XXX and If I upgrade my sonar to this version I should be able to see all the rules?


Hi @ram.kadaveru ,

yes, that’s correct.