Rules management in Sonarqube 7.4


On Sonarqube 7.4, when new rules are available and imported in profile. If I have a custom profile that inherits from Sonar way, when I go to Quality Profiles administration and select this profile, I can see there is rules active in the parent profile but not in mine.

Then when I click on the link right to “Sonar way rules not included”, I jump to rules administration with two filter on Quality Profile.

BUT, going directly to Quality Profiles administration, I am not able to select two Quality Profile, even by hitting key, as it is possible in section “Language”.

Is it an expected behavior or kind of bug ? It could be nice to be able to select at least two profiles.


Etienne Jouvin

Hi Etienne,

You can’t select two profiles on purpose. We just don’t see a lot of utility for the feature other than what we’ve provided from inheritance. Outside of that use case, the ROI on limiting you to sane, non-confusing pairs is just too low. (For instance, it makes no sense to compare profiles of two different languages.)


Hi Ann.

Ok got it.
I was just surprised that we have the link from the inherence, but impossible to do it manually. Also because I was sure to see it in previous version, but must be a mistake :wink:
One use case could be to compare my profile to another profile (in same language of course) otherthan the parent one.

But, if you consider the ROI is too low, this is fine to me. Because, I still can compare profiles with the specific tool, even if I am not a lot confortable with it.
And you are also right, we do not change rules in profile everyday.



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