How to disable inbuilt Rules

Can you please let me know that how can I enable disable inbuilt Rules, because I want to scan my laravel porject and it is showing me unwanted issue so I want to customize Rules.


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keep calm, this is a community driven forum with members using their precious spare time.
Before asking those fundamental questions you should consult the detailed sonarqube docs.
see Quality Profiles | SonarQube Docs

The Sonar way Quality Profiles are a good starting point as you begin analyzing code, and they start out as the default Quality Profiles for each language. However, we recommend that you Copy this profile (see Copying a profile below) and begin to fine-tune the rules. Why?

  • Default Quality Profiles are not editable, so you won’t be able to customize the Sonar way to your needs.
  • The Sonar way becomes a baseline against which you can track your own Quality Profiles.
  • The Sonar way may be updated over time to adjust which rules are included and adjust rule severities.

this means you need to use a copy of the builtin “Sonar way” quality profile, set this as your default
and edit to your liking (adding or deleting rules …).



Hello Gilbert,

Firstly thank you for your response. I have one more question which is that, how can I import/export duplicate Sonar way Quality Profiles?

This question arise because we are using one time project template code which is laravel. And many developer use this core template. If I create copy Quality Profiles in my local sonarqube system and customize inbuilt Rules, so that customize rules can not use to other developers so if there are any other option that I can share it to other developers and they use it.

Is it possible with a call? so I can explain in better way


Hi Roshni,

not sure if i understand all your questions.

A quality profile has to be unique in a Sonarqube instance, i.e. it’s not possible to have two
quality profiles for Java named ‘Sonar way’.
But you may export a quality profile as xml file and import it in another Sonarqube instance.
see Quality Profiles | SonarQube Docs
Don’t know nothing about laravel, which seems to be a php web framework.

How to share quality profiles / how do developers use it ?

Usually you have one central Sonarqube instance that serves for all developers.
Developers should use the Sonarlint plugin available for all major IDEs and create a binding
for their projects.
see and SonarLint Connected Mode | SonarQube Docs
This way they have a ‘private’ scan before pushing to Git or similar, are enabled to fix issues before they become public and use the same quality profile.
If you use permissions for your Sonarqube projects, developers will only be offered Sonarqube
projects for binding in Sonarlint plugin they have permissions.
Note = you need one default quality profile for every language, but you may have 1-n quality profiles and the quality profile setting is per Sonarqube project, means every project may have its own quality profiles.

Hope that makes sense !?

Hi Gilbert,

I am getting error when I run “sonar-scanner”. I put correct username and password, but still showing error. I attached image url please check and let me know how can I solve it.
Error : Screenshot by Lightshot
soanr Admin : Screenshot-localhost_9000-2022.02.16-16_45_59.png - Nimbus Capture


Hi Roshni,

switching subjects within a thread is bad practice, please open a new thread for your new problem with:

  • builtin snapshots, i recommend then upload and add it to your post
  • the relevant log entries (adjust loglevel to debug to get more details) as inline txt or upload to the post
  • details = Sonarqube edition and version, Scanner version … etc.