Rules Count is Wrong

SonarQube Version:
The actual c# rules count is 399
But Sonarqube is showing Rules count as 1995

Observation: 399 * 5 = 1995. All language rules count is displaying as a multiple of 5.

Please suggest me to fix this issue.

Hi @cpuvvadi,

can you share some screenshots of your count and the “actual count” you are mentioning in your post?
And which edition of SQ are you running? (Community/Developer/Enterprise/Data Center)


Thanks for the reply @Carine_Bayon.

I have stopped the service and deleted the “data” folder and restarted the service again. Then the issue got resolved.

Probable Root Cause: We have installed the SonarQube multiple times to try between windows authentication and SQL Server authentication. This might be the root cause.

FYI: We are using Enterprise Edition.

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