Rule-set differencies among SonarQube instances


I’m using SonarQube Community Edition - Version 8.9.9 (build 56886) as my local instance.

I imported a backed-up Java rule-set (as .xml) from a remote SonarQube instance, which runs 8.9.9 as well.

For that particular rule-set, I noticed that Active/Inactive rule count differs between the 2 instances and I’m wondering why. For example, on my local instance, the imported rule-set has 558/81 Active/Inactive rules, while on the remote, it has 681/428 Active/Inactive rules.

On the local instance, the DEFAULT Java Quality Profile is which is the Sonar way plus the imported rule-set from the remote. The count of Sonar way’s Active/Inactive rules is the same on both local/remote as it’s immutable (AFAIK).

On the remote, the DEFAULT Java Quality Profile is the one that was exported earlier to local. Other custom profiles exist as well plus the *Sonar way* BUILT-IN. I don’t seem to get why DEFAULT profile’s count of Active/Inactive rules is 681/428. At first I thought this would be related with the Rule-set Inheritance feature, but there is no active inheritance on any Quality Profiles.

Local instance example:

Remote instance example:

Any insights?

Your time is highly appreciated,

One instance probably has some third-party plugins installed. You can check in the global Administration > Marketplace.

Greetings @Colin,

I confirm that this was the case. Installed Plugins can cause rule-set indifferencies.

Thank you so much!

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