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I’ve seen that there is a very strict rule key validation for rule keys in

Is there a reason for that? We are using a plugin that provides templates for custom rules and the keys contain “-” (gcc compiler warning id’s) With this rule validation not permitting this character I cannot create new custom rules but need to always reinstall the plugin with the new rules in the deployed xml file.
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I’m not sure anybody will be able to tell you why this exact validation was chosen (it was introduced in 2014).

I’m not sure I understand this. Is the key validation different for rules deployed via a pugin?

Deployed with the xml file, the rules are just copied in the database. So after installing the plugin, I find all the correct values in the rules table. It also works, if I manually change the DB entry via SQL.
The issue is only, if I want to create via GUI or API based on the template…

Ah. I understand better now.

I suppose the safest thing to do (on a fresh deployment) is to make sure the rule keys use a substitute for - (such as _).

It’s interesting that we have different requirements for rules deployed via plugin than via custom rule. I’ll flag this for attention (but I don’t expect a short-term action)

Thanks for the feedback :wink: Please don’t improve in a way, that the existing XML files don’t work anymore :wink:

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Dear @jenspopp,

Many thanks for the feedback.

Upon investigation, we found that there are indeed inconsistencies when validating the rule key between using plugin API and creating a custom rule from a template.

The validation is correct for the latter, however, there is no validation when creating rules through the plugin API. Hence, a bug ticket has been created.


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