For sonarqube-, could you please help?

Deployed zip file locally
Tried to update existing customized rules for java and modifying the html file associated with the rules (In java-custom-rules-example of sonar-java 7.32.0-SNAPSHOT, no need for json and html files for custom rule?)
Scenario: after deployed java custom plugin, search any rule, UI displayed info from our html (<RULE_KEY>.html file) being cut off from the following line in html (h2 tag is the issue):
<h2>Noncompliant ...</h2>

Change the <h2> to <h3>, or change “Noncompliant” to “Non compliant”, or remove <h2> tag, all working, however <h2>Noncompliant Code Examples</h2> in our html files had been working for all the versions up to sonarqube-

<RULE_KEY>.json file changes for custom rules being picked up correctly.

Not browser cache issue, tried chrome and MS Edge, no differences.

Not sure what’re the root causes. Could you please help?
Thanks very much.

I’m not sure what we changed with [SONAR-21085] - Jira, but it’s probably related (rule description + headings). I’ve flagged this for attention.


hey @ct24p,

Sorry for the late reply. I can reproduce the behavior you described above by testing the same plugin in SQ 10.3 and 10.3.

Not sure what’re the root causes. Could you please help?

Over the past year, we standardized a new format for rule descriptions. As you observed, the enforcement is particularly strong on <h2> headers but anything below should be more customizable.

For inspiration, I suggest that you take a look at the rule description of a rule such as S1201. We use asciidoc internally to write our documentation, but the same structure is enforced for the resulting HTML.

To ensure that developers of future plugins do not face the same issue, I have created a ticket to update the Java custom rules template.

Let us know if you face any other issues with the documentation.