Rule Documentation that includes Rule Code

I am using SonarLint standalone on MS Visual Studio 2022, Windows 10.

My team would like to examine all of the Rules for C & C++ so that we can create an explicit set of rules to be used/excluded with SonarLint. When I examine the rulesets at, none of the Codes are included in descriptions from what I can tell.

Is there a document that includes a basic description of all of the available rules that includes the codes?

As a possible alternative, if there was a tool to select each rule that automatically builds the settings.json file would be extremely helpful.


Welcome to the community! is intended to be “the document” that describes the rules. For boneheaded, historical reasons I won’t get into, the rule description pages don’t - as you’ve observed - include the rule keys. However, they’re still available. Look at the URL for any given rule description, and you’ll see that it ends with RSPEC-nnnn. Swap the RSPEC- for an S, and voila: the rule key.